Sopley House, Ringwood Road
Sopley, Christchurch
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“There's simply no substitute for practical experience”

Welcome to Yacht Projects Associates Limited, where we treat each yacht as if she were our own. Our comprehensive range of services covers all aspects of yacht management, from the initial purchase right through to cost effective maintenance, restoration or refit.

We can also oversee new builds, to ensure that everything a client wants is done exactly as requested, and we have a network of trusted and highly skilled workers to turn the most complex ideas into reality. We even have our own fully equipped superyacht facility in the UK's deepwater port of Southampton, and utilise the huge skill base in the area to great effect.

I'm a yacht owner and former superyacht skipper myself, with many years at the sharp end of the business, particularly in the charter market. This has given me first hand experience of how to get things get done in far-flung corners of the globe. So whether your yacht is in Durban or Dubai, Sydney or Singapore, we have the contacts and expertise to arrange everything from a major new project to simple back up resources for the owner, skipper or crew.

I'm also a qualified design engineer, with a passion for yachts of all shapes and sizes, and my team love what they do. We want the highest quality of engineering and expertise for your project, but without the owner paying inflated prices. We drive hard bargains with suppliers, and make sure that the highest quality is delivered at truly competitive prices.

Yacht Project Associates Limited offers everything you could need for the successful running of a superyacht, anywhere in the world. Whatever you need, give us a call, and see how our unique mix of hard-won experience, global contacts and passion for yachting can make your current yacht, proposed refit or new build the most successful ever